Medical Services

Wellness Exams

Canine ExamA regular physical exam is an important part of a healthy pet's life. Our veterinarians recommend a physical exam for your pet at least once a year. More frequent exams are essential as the pet gets older. The physical exam would entail the veterinarian listening to your pets heart and lungs, looking for unusual lumps, bumps or any other abnormalities/health concerns the pet may have. Physical exams have proven to be essential in spotting problems prior to them becoming health issues.


  • Each year thousands of pets become separated from their owners, from the gardener leaving the gate open to slipping off a leash or simply running away.
  • A microchip is similar in size to a grain of rice. It is implanted between the shoulder blades just under the skin. The procedure is very quick and similar to giving a vaccine.
  • Each microchip has its own identification number. This number along with the owners information, pet information and emergency contact is added into a national pet registry. Most animal shelters as well as veterinary hospitals have electronic scanners which detect and read these chips. If a pet is found and brought in to either the animal shelter or a veterinary hospital, the pet is automatically scanned. If a microchip number appears, the national pet registry is called and the owner contacted.
  • Ask our staff today about microchipping your pet and possibly saving their life.


  • Our veterinarians consider vaccinations to be an important part of preventative care for your pet.
  • Vaccines are useful in helping to prevent many diseases in cats and dogs.
  • Keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations plays a large part in having a happy, healthy pet. Vaccine schedules are subject to change based on the veterinarian's evaluation of your pet's health, age, and needs.

Diagnostic Services



X-rays are essential at times for evaluating your pet's body and possible injuries or illness.

Lab Work

DiagnosticsWe offer in-house CBC and comprehensive chemistry panels. We also work closely with IDEXX Diagnostic Labs, located in Irvine, for different blood panels.


Surgical Care

Our hospital is well-equipped to perform most minor and major surgical procedures from spays and neuters to more complicated soft tissue as well as emergency surgeries. Prior to surgery each patient receives a physical exam with an option for pre-anesthetic blood work. Blood work will be required in older pets as a preventative for problems that may occur. We offer a pain management package to keep your pets comfortable and happy after surgery. Your pet may be required to stay overnight for observation and a morning check up by the veterinarian before release.


Dental Care

Doggy Dental

Dental Care is essential in keeping your pet happy and healthy. If your pet's teeth are not cleaned on a regular basis many health issues can occur such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. This is a result of bacterial and plaque build up on your pet’s teeth and gums. More serious infections may result, which can eventually damage the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs.

Our hospital provides full service dental cleanings which include scaling and polishing, dental extractions along with other oral surgeries.



Canine ExamOur hospital is equipped with a large in house pharmacy for the convenience of our clients. Our pharmacy includes a wide range of medications and preventative medications to promote your pets’ health. Our staff is knowledgeable about the medications we carry and give instructions on dosage as well as appropriate administration. Refills can be called in with a 2-3 hour turn around or you may email your refill request on the form provided under our “Resources” section with a 24 hour turn around and an option to have your medication mailed to you.


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