About Dr. Estacio

A  presence of confidence, belief, and action that transcended his few words.

Dr. Dioscoro Estacio opened Animal Medical Hospital in 1976. The youngest son of rice farmers in the Philippines, Dr. Estacio brought an intense work ethic to Pasadena, where his practice earned a reputation for an expert, versatile approach to veterinary medicine. Doctor and staff eschewed frills and margins in favor of a broad treatment suite, ranging from mundane vaccinations and rescues to the most complex surgical interventions. Dr. Estacio’s signature trait was an understated gravitas – a presence of confidence, belief, and action that transcended his few words. This endeared him to his ‘patients’ and their owners for 37 years. He maintained the practice throughout his marriage, the raising of five children, and the arrival of six grandchildren. And in July, 2013, at age 71, he performed his final task on earth: surgery on a pet cat.

Dr. Estacio’s passing left a void in his family and veterinary practice, both of which he loved and nurtured. But his values live on in both. Dr. Estacio’s heirs – the foremost keepers of his legacy – remain physically and philosophically invested in the clinic. And AMH remains Pasadena’s veterinary hospital, providing comprehensive care and respecting the deep, unspoken connections between humans and animals.